When coming up with the concept of our restaurant, there was never any doubt that I wanted to work with local producers. I firmly believe that some of the best produce in Australia comes from where we live on the Mornington Peninsula.

I also trust that our local farms and wineries are not using the harsh chemicals you may find outside the region.

This is also why I also went with Shultz, an organic dairy farm, and Genovese coffee, which also stock an organic range.

For me being chemical free where possible is crucial.

I have been going through IVF this past year and one of the highest recommendations when going through this process is to absorb as little chemicals as possible. I realised whilst going through previous IVF cycles that I could never eat out anymore, as I could never trust the source of the food. This made the process even lonelier.

At Panda I know I exactly what I am putting into my body and am looking forward to our next round, whilst still maintaining a social life.

Nicole J
Panda Blairgowrie