The hours that were spent at Panda renovating for our new venture, had many locals curious to know what was going on.

Constant knocks on the door were some days 20 minutes apart, keeping us off the tools chatting for up to half an hour at times. We would laugh as we felt like we were getting nowhere but the upside was getting to know our neighbours.

The most frequently asked question being “Will you be serving Chinese?” and “Have you done this before?”

Whilst you wont see too many Asian influences on our menu, we certainly have done this before.  We have just been waiting for the right venue to start our Mornington Peninsula Hospitality journey.

A patient 4 years since we packed up our bags and left Elwood for Rye thinking it would all happen so easily, however the right venue just never turned up.

It seems like a hundred years ago since we sold our hospitality businesses in St Kilda and Brighton but we are now so excited to get this opportunity to create a unique space we hope makes the locals proud to have ‘just around the corner.’

Jim J
Panda Blairgowie